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a brief history.

George knew starting at age 11 he wanted to be a shop teacher. Growing up in the outskirts of Chicago, he had a mentality of "fix it first".  He went on to take every shop class he could; woodworking, auto repair, metalworking, etc. 

After working through college in construction and graduating with a Tech Ed degree, he made the leap and volunteered for the Peace Corps. For two years, he taught students woodworking near South Africa, in Eswatini. 

When he arrived home, he moved to a rural town outside of the Twin Cities and opened his teaching school. 

In 2007, George started working with a video group and has gone on to make countless educational DVDs and videos about teaching woodworking. 

George is a swiss army knife in life. His curiosity has him constantly looking for the next thing, as a result, he has taken on many new hobbies. You can find him on his motorcycle or maybe in a field deer hunting with a traditional bow. He has expanded his interests, thanks to years in Boy Scouts; in hiking, camping, and all things outdoors. 

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